Aillwee cave

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Located at the heart of the Burren in County Clare, Aillwee Cave & Burren Bird of Prey Centre welcomes visitors to the dramatic underworld of this area. Tours are taken through the beautiful caverns, over bridged chasms, under weird formations and alongside the thunderous waterfall, which sometimes gently sprays the unsuspecting visitor! 

Once tours are completed visitors can browse and shop in distinctly different craft shops which are housed in the award winning complex, which includes a café and a separate farm shop. With increasing demands the centre's Epos system could not perform and so Fidelity were approached. 

Initially Fidelity replaced the existing system with a network of touch screen Epos terminals  all of which were controlled by Fidelity's back office system to provide real‐time sales and stock management information. The individual terminals were configured to the relevant outlet, for example the farm shop works with an integrated scale system for weighing cheese etc. Also, the real time Epos network enabled admission tickets to be purchased at each terminal which has eradicated queues at the main entrance and given visitors the ability to purchase additional tours that they may not have originally intended to take. Also when selecting the hardware, Aillwee Cave chose a system which included biometric scanners. These scanners will be used to automate the time & attendance recording of staff members. In 2010, a "Friendship Card" was launched and is used successfully to provide cardholders entry concessions and notify them of special offers throughout the year via email or text message. 

"Thanks to Fidelity, we now have Real Time sales reporting, a best sellers list and most importantly, betterstock control. Also, having chosen their Loyalty Cards and Instant Loyalty software, we have been able to provide ourcustomers with our Friendship Card to reward them for their custom. The hardware chosen includes biometric scannerswhich in turn will revolutionise our clock ‐ in procedure! Fidelity Systems have been supportive from the first sales call,developing a system for us that has truly met our needs and one that can be expanded, the technical support team also ensure that we are in safe hands" Collette Donelan, Systems Adm inistrator & Developer, Aillwee Cave Company Limited. 

As all software supplied by Fidelity is written in house, we have the capability to tailor its functions to deliver exactly what our customer requires, satisfying their needs 100%