Bishop Burton College

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Fidelity's software manages all EPoS, Cashless Catering and Sports Centre operations for Bishop Burton college. 

Bishop Burton is one of the UK's finest Land Based Colleges and the very first to achieve the prestigious Training Quality Standard with Excellence in Environmental and Land Based Subjects. The campus has four catering outlets, a bar, a shop and a sports & fitness centre. 

A total of eleven PC based touch screen terminals are installed throughout the estate with the communications being via the Universities wide area network. Fidelity's G-POS touch screen software is used on all of the touch screens. Fidelity's Instant Cashless software is used for the cashless catering operation. All this is integrated into the back office software to facilitate real time reporting. The system allows for flexibility in the amount of credit each student is allowed per day and even the products purchased can be limited. Lost or stolen cards can instantly be blocked and new cards immediately issued with no loss of credit. The flexibility of the PC based touch screens ensures the fastest possible throughput at busy meal times. 

The retail outlet again has G-POS again integrated into the back office software. G-POS allows all of the complex promotions to be pre-set at the start of term with each one activating automatically on the correct day. 

The bar uses G-POS for the Point of Sale together with full stock control for the EPoS control and reporting. 

Fidelity's Leisure touch system is used in the sports and fitness centre using 17" touch monitors and G-POS. The system tracks all student activity by the means of membership cards which allow access into the Gym. 

As all software supplied by Fidelity is written in house, we have the capability to give the University exactly what it requires. Most off the shelf EPoS software will only give around 80% of the functionality a customer requires ‐ with the Fidelity solution this rises to 100%. 

Fidelity currently supply seventy Universities and colleges in the UK with EPOS, cashless catering and sports centre solutions.