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Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems. 


Bridge Leisure Parks Ltd is a fast-growing holiday park group with eight locations across the UK. The company, which has acquired three new parks in the past 12 months, invests millions in park infrastructure and developments to drive year-on-year increases in visitor numbers and retail sales. 

Good management starts with robust software solutions and flexible relationships 

In 2012 as part of a long term strategic plan Bridge Leisure made the decision to invest in the latest EPoS and back office systems, replacing existing technology and data with a new centrally controlled solution. 

Fidelity Systems, a leading supplier of end to end business solutions for the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, originally tendered to supply an EPoS solution at Bridge Leisure’s Sand le Mere holiday park, a brand new complex costing £4 million. Bridge Leisure required EPoS capability in the shops, bar and reception. After successful implementation of EPoS they rolled out the rest of the Fidelity suite including CRM/loyalty and site access control. 

Simon Williams, Commercial Director at Bridge Leisure Parks explains why they selected Fidelity Systems as their partner of choice: “It was crucial to us that we could easily change systems and use existing data. Unlike many system providers, Fidelity Systems open architecture made sure that the transfer of existing data was a simple process. This was a critical deciding factor for us in selecting Fidelity, and is increasingly important to us as we continue to grow by making further acquisitions of new businesses and customers.” 

This partnership has flourished with Fidelity helping implement five other parks with EPoS and CRM solutions as Bridge Leisure has continued to grow. 

“It is Fidelity’s simple and logical approach to business, combined with friendly and approachable staff and excellent response times that have given us total confidence in selecting them as our partner for 6 years. They have also recommended and sourced independent suppliers that are fully compatible with their software; for example helping with a recent installation of a barrier system and door locks at our parks”, added Simon. 

The Benefits of a centrally controlled solution 

The EPoS system uses industry standard retail touch screen terminals which are fully integrated into Fidelity’s back office systems. At Bridge Leisure the Fidelity System is centrally controlled, so all site processes, such as sales and stock information or products and price setting, are controlled by the single management team at Bridge Leisure. Simon adds, “We are able to 

change price structures across all sites immediately; we are not reliant on individuals. We can set up on-screen staff prompts for upselling. In addition we can control stock and set intelligent promotions across individual or multiple sites depending on the data we have on our central data base. This helps us to control costs and improve margins across our business network efficiently and effectively. However, sites can also act independently using their own CRM to further personalise their approach.” 

In addition Fidelity’s EPoS system has many features for increasing turnover including built-in customer advertising together with a powerful CRM/loyalty system to attract, manage and retain customers. 

Bridge Leisure also has an owner privilege card database as part of CRM, which allows certain holiday makers to access areas such as the gym, swimming pool and car park. The owner privilege cards give further controls and benefits to members such as reductions at different commercial areas within the complex; eg discounts on beer/food. 

Simon explains – “We are able to categorise and target customers based on ‘real-time’ information and data. We can create promotions based on actual customer spending and habits using our CRM tools. This has helped us give holiday makers a tailored and personal experience which has increased customer loyalty. It also helps us to offer a professional service that ultimately benefits us in terms of an increase in sales. For example, we can look at customers who have purchased caravans and offer them exclusive privileged benefits in terms of site access or discounts.” 

EPoS and back office solutions – at the heart of our business 

Simon concludes: “At Bridge Leisure Parks we have complete central control to manage our business; to make informed decisions on pricing, margins, sales and promotions based on actual data. Immediate control of our business gives us the ability to act quickly, to monitor performance and make decisions that help us to increase sales and grow loyalty. We can continue to expand and acquire new businesses with relative ease and total ‘peace of mind’, as the team at Fidelity is always available to help and support us throughout the process.”