Coletta and Tyson

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Since opening its doors in 2004 the Coletta & Tyson Garden Centre has: 

· Grown to be almost 10 times its original size. 

· Opened one of the North's largest discount pet stores, "4pets". 

· Opened the, "Oasis Cafe". 

· Launched a loyalty scheme to reward customers. 

· Established a reputation for great quality plants, grown on their own nurseries in East Yorkshire. 

Touch screen EPoS terminals running Fidelity's G‐PoS touch screen software and an integrated Chip & Pin system are used by the Garden Centre. Given the unique requirements of its different areas, the screen layouts have been tailored relevant to the terminal's location, for example the Oasis Café screens focus food and refreshments. 

At the Centres main check‐out counters, each system has an additional screen upon which customers can see the transaction details, they are also fitted with both wired and wireless barcode scanners which is key for the sale of larger items, simply to unmanageable to be lifted onto the counter. 

To enable efficient retail, all of the EPoS terminals are controlled centrally using Fidelity's back office software. Each department is able to operate independently within this software in a manner relevant to their specific requirements, yet management are also able to interrogate the system for a global view of business performance. 

Due to the Coletta & Tyson's diverse product range the ability to print a variety of labels was key to the success of Fidelity's solution. Fidelity has a standard shelf edge and barcode label production function which was further developed to use the industrial label printers that Coletta & Tyson required. Coletta & Tyson have boosted their sales and customer loyalty by developing a scheme using Fidelity's Instant Loyalty software. 

At purchase a customer's loyalty card is swiped and they are automatically awarded points according to Coletta & Tyson's tiered reward scheme i.e. transactions over a certain size gain more points per pound and the Instant Loyalty's powerful CRM package then records this sale. These records can then be interrogated using a series of filters to provide valuable category insights upon which targeted promotional campaigns are run. 

Paul Tyson, Managing Director says "Since Coletta & Tyson's first day, Fidelity has supported our successful growth and development with an adaptable system which continues to evolve in line with our needs" 

As all software supplied by Fidelity is written in house, we have the capability to tailor its functions to deliver exactly what our customer requires, satisfying their needs 100%