Sewerby Hall & Gardens

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The award winning Sewerby Hall and Gardens forms the gateway to the Flamborough Heritage coast. It is set in 50 acres of parkland with a zoo, gift shop, playground, tea room, restaurant and museum. 

The facility is managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and is a major jewel in their crown of extensive Leisure amenities. 

Fidelity has worked with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in developing a network of touch screens running G-PoS within the retail and hospitality outlets. These terminals feed all sales data into the Fidelity back office software at their head office in Beverley. 

This ensures that the management team are in real time control of the business. In addition, they can monitor and manage promotions and price changes in real time ensuring all changes are managed efficiently and effectively. To achieve this fluency, reactivity and understanding of their business in a real time, a major challenge had to be overcome. 

The Challenge 

Up until May 2013 Sewerby Hall and Gardens had a major issue to enable them to be reactive and maximise the potential of the business. Remote admission kiosks are located around the estate and the cost of digging and laying cables to incorporate them into a wired network was estimated at £100k. The daily procedure involved the G-PoS terminals being taken to the administration office for the data to be downloaded before being returned to the payment kiosk. The data was therefore not real time and the upload task was both time consuming and costly. 

The Technical Solution 

Fidelity created a 4G mobile data solution that required no landscaping cost. This was achieved through a 4G mobile data router. This enabled data to be passed real time from the ePOS units to the back office software.

The Business Outcome 

The mobile G-PoS units now feed data into Fidelity's back office suite in real time providing the management team with robust financial information. In addition, the system has been updated to include Fidelity's people counter and CRM software to give instant visibility of visitor numbers and financial information. 

"We never thought that we could have had such an outcome for the cost. All of the outlets at the venue have been integrated to provide real time information". 

Kevin Hadfield, Leisure Services Manager of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.