The Baths Hall

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The Baths Hall was officially opened on 7th November 2011 after a £15m construction project and is operated by SMG Europe in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council which owns the building. It is located on the site of the old Baths Hall, in Scunthorpe and the new building combines some of the original 1930s frontage with a striking new building featuring state of the art technology and high levels of audience comfort throughout the building. 

The transformed venue is now a vibrant hub of activity providing a platform for a vast range of high quality entertainment and performing arts by many professional, amateur and community bodies. It has become a landmark in the local arts scene and is much loved by many. 

A key focus for SMG Europe when choosing to maintain Fidelity as the venue's EPoS supplier was delivering excellent customer service to the visitors of the new venue. In total Fidelity have installed ten touch screen terminals in their two bars each operating the intuitive, GPoS software which enables the quick transaction speed for busy functions. 

Also the software was configured to enable customers to pay for their pre-show drinks and pre-ordered "interval drinks" in the same transaction. Then the drinks order is sent to a dedicated interval drinks printer for the staff and a receipt printer for the customer. Both slips display an order number which enables staff to serve refreshments just before the interval for customers to collect by cross referencing their receipt, alleviating queues, improving customer service and creating time for incremental sales. 

Everyday management tasks such as stock control, price changes and performance reporting are efficiently completed using Fidelity's Total Control Premier back office software into which all of the touch screen terminals are linked. This central hub provides control over the current EP)S network and the real-time reporting system allows management to drilldown data showing average speed per customer, per event, per day. This data can then be used for staffing levels, products purchasing on future shows of the same nature. 

"Fidelity worked with us closely to understand our objectives and then design us an EPOS solution which has delivered fast customer service and efficient back office management" Tony Sagar, Food and Beverage Director Europe, SMG Europe. 

This fully integrated system is further proof that Fidelity's solution is perfect for the most demanding of catering environments and hospitality venues.