Electronic shelf labels – give your shelves the edge

Improve operational efficiency and reporting with our cloud based electronic shelf labelling solution.

We are excited to announce that we are ready to rollout new technology to improve shelf labelling as a fully integrated part of our EPOS solutions.This is aligned with our commitment to reduce waste and increase retail operational efficiency.

Currently, as a retailer you are manually creating, editing and printing shelf labels. This uses lots of hardware, consumables, takes time, uses paper/card resources, and the labels can date quickly if there are changes or offers.

Now, you can control all your shelf labelling remotely using a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Via our dynamic cloud system, changes are implemented to single or multiple products at a moment’s notice in real-time.

This system is a cost-effective and scalable way to deploy and monitor your pricing across single or multiple stores. It gives you full MI allowing you to produce reports looking at prices across stores and track the real correlation between pricing and sales, as well as store trends. You can also set rule-based alerts and triggers within the system to alert you to certain price changes based on tolerances or product types.

We have two ranges of electronic shelf labels:

  • Chroma

    There are nine Chroma style labels in this range. They are all fully graphic, have three colour options and long-life changeable batteries that typically last 5 years when receiving up to three system updates a day. There is also an optional LED with some versions of the Chroma.

  • Aura

    The Aura range has five options, including a freezer version that can withstand temperatures of -25 degrees centigrade. These labels come in black and white and have the additional feature of being able to be Bluetooth enabled for customer interaction. As with the Chroma range, they come with long-life changeable batteries that typically last 5 years, but the Aura range can last this long when receiving up to five system updates a day.

To find out more about this new electronic shelf labelling solution could work for you, get in touch.


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