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Restaurant & Customer Paging

In busy times it is important to reduce customer waiting time to increase table turns. On arriving, customers are given either a customer pager or Glowster and asked to wait in the bar or waiting area until the pager alerts them that their table is ready.

Knowing that the queuing system is properly managed, customers are more inclined to wait and as they are more relaxed, tend to spend more in the bar while they are waiting.

As soon as the greeter is advised that a table is about to become available, instead of leaving their post, they can instantly contact the next party for seating.

This in turn means that tables are not left standing empty between seatings and consequently it is possible to turn several more tables in a busy shift and increase revenue.

Extra profit is made from reduced "walk-aways", word of mouth referrals and increased customer loyalty.

Product Features
  • General

    • Easy to Hold, Use and Manage
    • Designed to Reduce Loss
    • Robust, Durable and Reliable
    • Inexpensive
    • New "Quick-Charge" Technology
    • Secure in Chargers – No Stacking
  • Increase

    • Profits
    • Table turns
  • Decrease

    • Valuable time spent searching for Guests
    • Obtrusive PA calls that disrupt the dining ambience
    • No shows and walkaways
    • Queues and "mayhem" at the host stand
  • Improve

    • Customer Satisfaction
  • Pager frequency 440 - 450MHz
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • Plugs into standard 220V outlet
  • Adjustable power settings with up to 2 watts of power for the most expansive building/area coverage
  • Out-of-range feature captures guests and reduces pager loss
  • Pager Range: Up to 2Km
  • Max number of pagers: 9,999
  • System: Vibration, Tone and Flashing alerts
  • Charger: 20 pager per rack
  • Promotional advertising area
  • In blue or black
  • Pre-defined voice alert
  • Attractive and functional tower design
  • Supports 20 customer pagers
  • Charger design contains pagers in slots
  • Slotted "CD-Rack" design facilitates FIFO
  • Daisy Chains with other charger units
  • Compact footprint
  • Intuitive power indicator
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Integrated Pos Terminals

Fidelity supply modern, state of the art touch screen POS terminals eminently suitable for both hospitality and retail applications.

Product Features

Space Saving Designs – Small footprint POS terminals free up counter space. Easy cable routing to the POS, top of the counter and under the counter connections keep the POS environment clutter free.

Durable and Reliable – POS terminals built to perform in harsh environments that involve rough treatment and liquid spills. Shock mounted hard disks, spill resistant casework and a sealed touch screen provide real-life environmental protection and long-life.

Low Total Cost of Ownership – Advanced energy saving features like the fan-less design and auto-standby mode dramatically reduce overall power consumption. Durable and reliable designs extends the life of the terminal and lowers the total cost of ownership.

  • Choice of screen sizes
  • Duel Core processors
  • 2 to 8GB memory
  • SSD or 2.5” HDD
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Noise free fanless design
  • Optional MSR
  • Optional I Button

GPOS Pos touch screen software

Being PC based, GPoS is capable of delivering "Legacy" ECR speed along with the advanced flexibility of a PC based product. GPoS is a PoS system that caters for NOW and the future. GPoS will run on most leading manufacturers touch screen terminals including machines by Aures, IBM, J2, Panasonic, Partner Tech, Protech, Sharp, Toshiba & XN. GPoS features a graphical user interface that can be easily customised. This graphical system reduces the training time for operators and makes it virtually language independent as each screen is fully user configurable.

Standard features
  • Uses graphics on buttons to aid accuracy of product registration.
  • Complete control over button attributes; change size, position, colour, font, image etc.
  • Button themes: round, oval, shaded, gradient effect etc
  • Personalised start up screens for each clerk to reflect their responsibilities / roles.
  • Handles different screen sizes and resolutions
  • Up to 400 user definable screens, each with as many buttons as you wish
  • Move transaction details to the left or the right of the screen
  • Stock count down on screen against selected products
  • On screen prompts for information
  • Customer accounts
  • Built in Chip & Pin functionality
  • 36 Prices per PLU with 7 price levels
  • Automatic price changes by day / time
  • PLU’s can be in more than one multibuy
  • PLU’s can be set as ticket items ie 3 tickets for a suit
  • PLU search facility by name, group, price etc
  • Multibuys can be pre-defined by date and time
  • Multibuys can upgrade to a better offer during the same transaction
  • Staff log on by: Pin no, Dallas key, mag card, barcoded card, chip card or fingerprint
  • Staff training mode
  • Staff time & attendance
  • Staff can be set to go to a certain screen page or table plan when logging on
  • Speech mode: Prompts on Errors, Refunds multibuys etc
  • Minimum age requirement against PLU’s
  • Comprehensive reporting with 8 Z levels
  • Table planner
  • Up to 8 kitchen printers / kitchen monitor screens
  • Short text for kitchen printing
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Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems.

  • 1 March 2018
  • Total Control Premier, Instant Loyalty, Holiday Park Solution

Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems. THE BACKGROUND Bridge Leisure Parks Ltd is a fast-growing holiday