Student Unions


Innovative facility management for University Unions. Students' Union commercial outlets include bars, nightclubs, shops and sports centres. Currently over 70 student unions use the Fidelity EPoS solution which was developed in conjunction with NUSSL plus other buying groups and the University Unions themselves.

In particular the Fidelity solution can handle all current promotions offered to the student including the "meal deals" and “super meal deal”.

Products can be in multiple promotions at the same time and all promotions can be scheduled at the start of a semester and can be left to run automatically. Fidelity's G-PoS software touch screen software is used at the point of sale for bars, shops and sports centres with the back office control being achieved with Fidelity's Total Control Premier. Keeping students on campus is becoming increasingly difficult with the multitude of high street bars tempting them.

Fidelity have one of the best student loyalty card retention solutions on the market – Instant Loyalty. This proven system can use the existing student Union card. The sports centre system uses Fidelity's Leisuretouch software, a variation of Instant Loyalty but with added functionality for memberships, pictures of the member and access control. For venues and clubs, Fidelity's Instant Admissions ensures students and guests are logged into the venue as quickly as possible.

Common software throughout reduces overhead and speeds up training

  • G-POS touch screen software is used in all point of sale applications
  • Reports available at the press of a button give the administrators full insight into what is being spent where, when and by whom
  • Back-office software with industry standard database structure, designed to share and access information from multiple databases, keeps the administration tasks to a minimum
  • Opportunity to introduce and develop loyalty schemes and incentives to selected users
  • A fully scaleable solution with no annual licence fees.
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Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems.

  • 1 March 2018
  • Total Control Premier, Instant Loyalty, Holiday Park Solution

Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems. THE BACKGROUND Bridge Leisure Parks Ltd is a fast-growing holiday