Innovative smartcard facility management for Universities and colleges. Using a single smartcard, Fidelity are able to offer a wide variety of key services typically found in campus environments including cashless payments, print and copy control, access control and registration.

The Fidelity solution is designed around the concept of students carrying a multi-application smartcard. One single card can replace cash across a campus and additionally provide students with access to a range of IT services and entitlements. Fidelity’s G-PoS software is used at the point of sale for catering with the back office control being achieved with Fidelity’s Total Control Premier.

The back office card control software is Facility Pro Manager which defines card user rights, permitting the allocation of subsidies and discounts to individual users. This software also tracks, records and processes each transaction providing comprehensive management information. The final part is the integration of all income derived from the card being transferred into the University’s accounting software. This can be broken down by source ie printing income, copying income, vending income etc and seamlessly integrated into a third party accounts package.

Reduce or completely remove cash from the campus to save time, reduce overhead and improve security.

  • Faster transactions reduce queues and deliver happier customers and increased revenues
  • Reports available at the press of a button give the administrators full insight into what is being spent where, when and by whom
  • Back-office software with industry standard database structure, designed to share and access information from multiple databases, keeps the administration tasks to a minimum
  • Opportunity to introduce and develop loyalty schemes and incentives to selected users
  • Cards can be printed and encoded on a single pass through on a range of desktop card printers with the FacilityPro plug-in
  • Improve security with an integrated access control system on the same card
  • Earn income in advance as cards are constantly revalued
  • Eradicate wasteful printing
  • Let your system grow, adding applications to the card as required
  • A solution that loves to be networked but still runs if your network goes down
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Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems.

  • 1 March 2018
  • Total Control Premier, Instant Loyalty, Holiday Park Solution

Bridge Leisure Parks increases sales and controls costs with the help of Fidelity’s EPoS and back office systems. THE BACKGROUND Bridge Leisure Parks Ltd is a fast-growing holiday